Well, I want you to hire me because:

  •  You know that I understand these images are important to you
  •  You know that I know I can't mess this up
  •  You know that these images are going to be a part of your family history
  •  You trust that I will do a great job for you. 


Dealing with people's children should be approached with the utmost care.  In many cases I might be the first person besides medical professionals and family members to hold someone's precious newborn baby.  That is a big deal.  As a mom and former nanny, I know exactly how fragile these little new lives are.  I will never attempt a set up for a portrait that will even question the safety of a baby.  All the poses you see where they are propped up on their hands, hanging from a branch, or in a bucket can be very dangerous if not done correctly.  I cringe when I see photos from other photographers with babies in very dangerous positions.  I will never put a child's safety in danger for a shot. 

Part of being safe is also taking precautions when working with your baby.  So I take the proper precautions whenever I am working with children.

  • I always wash my hands.  Simple but the best way to prevent the spread of germs and illness
  • I am Infant CPR Certified
  • My studio is professionally cleaned between sessions
  • I am up to date on all my immunizations and vacinations




To provide professional level portraits to my clients I use professional grade equipment. There is a difference between the DSLR that you can pick up at Costco (yes, that is where many photographers these days get their equipment) and the professional grade cameras I use. 

I also have back up equipment just in case something goes wrong with my main camera.  I don't want you to be inconvenienced after spending so much time getting ready if my camera decides to start acting funny. 



Do I rent an outside studio?  No, my studio is in my basement where I have 10 foot ceilings, a separate entrance and a full bath.  It is fully stocked with everything that is needed for studio set ups including what all parents might need during their newborn session.  Including a shower, changing table, couch, TV, wifi access, and lots of snacks. It is also conveniently located close to two major freeways and is be a very short cab ride from a Metro Station.  I often ask my clients if I should look into getting outside studio space.  Overwhelmingly all of them have said "NO".  That my studio is professional and more comfortable than any retail studio could be.  They love that is is homey and they are perfectly at ease during the session.

I shoot all my newborns and babies in the studio.  The advantage of having it at my home (besides the ability to keep my prices lower because I don't have to additional financial overhead of studio rent) is that we can also move outside for some beautiful outside shots.  I have a nice property that allows for some beautiful images (We just planted three weeping cherry trees and the tulip bulbs will be planted soon.  It is going to be gorgeous in the Spring.)  and I also have agreements with several neighbors that allow me to use their property.  What does that mean for you?  You get a convenient location for your portraits that does not require an additional permit fee AND your images will not look like all the other images in Northern Virginia because no other photographer has  access to these locations.  



Those are just a few of the reasons that you should hire me.  I could list a few more but you get the point.  BUT . . .  bottom line is that you should hire me because I want to be YOUR photographer.  I want to provide you with beautiful images that will make you smile and provide you with fond memories.  It is an investment.  One that, I promise, you will never regret making.