Congratulations!  You just found out that you are pregnant.  Now what?  Well, besides all the other things you need to do to prepare for this new little life that is about to come into the world, you need to start thinking about how that new little one will be photographed.

I love working with expectant moms as we plan for their new arrival.  In the process of working together towards great maternity and newborn sessions there are lots of questions that come up.  Here are the answers to the most popular questions I seem to get.

How early should I book my sessions?  As soon as you can.  Schedules fill up and those 9+ months will be over in a flash.  The sooner you book, the better we can prepare for your session.

Do I have to do a maternity session?  I don't feel that pretty right now.  I TOTALLY understand that.  Not many women feel beautiful while they are pregnant.  That is exactly why I offer a free mini-session with my newborn sessions.  It allows you to capture how you looked during this time without the financial outlay of a full session.  We many not want a coffee table book or huge canvas to hang on the wall but it does let you have some lovely images that you can look back on later and show you child when they get older.

 What's up with all the naked babies?  Can't they wear clothes?  I love naked babies.  They are just so perfect and new.  And let's face it, until they can hold their head up by themselves all those clothes just don't look right.  I have requests from clients that don't want their baby shown naked online, I have no issue with that at all.  That is why I have a full selection of wraps and blankets that we can use during the session to make sure your child is properly covered. 

Do you do on location newborn sessions?  I can, but it does cost a little bit more.  By doing the sessions in my studio I have access to all my equipment, blankets and wraps.  You really wouldn't want me dragging all my equipment into your home.  I understand that it might seem daunting to leave the house with a baby that young.  All you have to do is get here.  Once you walk in the door, I will take care of everything.

Do you use studio lights or natural light?  I use studio lights.  I started with natural light but prefer the results of studio lighting.

I don't feel like leaving the house 10 days after the baby is born.  Can't we do it later when I feel better?  Yes, we absolutely can.  I know those first few weeks after delivery are rough.  You are healing and getting used to the newest addition to the house.  That usually means everyone is really tired and the last thing you want to do is come spend a couple hours with me when you would just rather take a nap.  We can schedule your session anytime after the baby is born, however. . . the longer we wait the less likely we may be in getting those sleepy, curled up shots of your little one.  Will we still get beautiful images?  Absolutely!